About Me

Welcome to budgettacticalknives.com my name Is Alex and I’m the Owner/Admin of the site.


I am just your average guy who works too hard for the money I make, Do my best to be an upstanding citizen and a good man, father and husband.  Since I am a hard working man I hate wasting my money on cheap knives that fall apart the first week or the first time you actually NEED to use it.

I have owned, traded and sold knives since I was a young man (which I am a long ways from now) so I have a good idea of what makes a quality blade. I’ve owned so many pocket knives, bowie knives, ka-bar, hunting and survival knives that my wife would really like if I stopped doing these reviews. But hey… a man needs an excuse to spend much too much money on knives right?

A cheap knife.. or poor quality knife is not only a waste of money but also a danger. I’v had blades break sending the tip flying missing my eye by mere fractions of an inch. I’ve had the blades fold closed on my finger when they broke.

You will probably notice from my writings that I like big knives, i have a big hand after all.  My first love as a 8 year old boy was this HUGE SHINY bowie knife the feed store had in a display box. I would go there with my father and stare at it while he took care of business. I never did get that knife as it was much too expensive for my father but I could tell it hurt him to tell me no every time I asked. Later on he bought me a similar looking knife from the flea market that was much cheaper i’m sure. I loved that knife and got in my fare share of trouble with it, Fortunatly around the farm nobody much looked twice at a young boy carrying a knife as big as his arm. That knife eventually broke and fell apart until it was useless. It had plastic handles that broke and fell off, it was not a full tang design so then the guard fell of and got lost, the blade got rusty  and I eventually moved on to other more practical knives. It may not have been the best knife but it’s the best dad could do for me and it was enough to spark a life long love affair with blades.